ReFuels, has inaugurated a new refueling station in Aylesford, Kent, under the CNG Fuels brand. This station is the first public access Bio-CNG facility in Southeast England, aimed at supporting low-emission transport in a region with over nine million residents.


Source: Refuels

Strategically located to serve major UK haulage routes, including the M20 and M2, the Aylesford station is situated on land purchased from the John Lewis Partnership, adjacent to Waitrose’s southeast distribution center. This location will help the retail giant expand its fleet of biomethane-powered heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), currently the largest in the UK.

“ReFuels is dedicated to providing low-carbon fuel options for fleet operators aiming to decarbonise their long-haul operations. Southeast England’s dense population and numerous industrial and commercial centres, along with its proximity to mainland Europe via the English Channel, make it a crucial area for both domestic and international trade,” explained Philip Fjeld, CEO of ReFuels.

The Aylesford station features 12 fuel pump islands, capable of refueling over 700 trucks daily, with a total annual capacity exceeding 19 million kilograms of Bio-CNG. The station is owned through a joint venture with Foresight Group.

The existing CNG Fuels network in the UK can refuel more than 9,500 HGVs daily, equating to an annual dispensing capacity of over 290 million kgs of biomethane. This capacity translates to a potential annual saving of over 800,000 tonnes of co2 emissions compared to diesel.