Kempower’s new Megawatt Charging System (MCS) for electric trucks promises to meet the growing demand for high-power charging in the commercial vehicle sector, supporting sustainability efforts and reducing carbon emissions in road transport.


Source: Kempower

Kempower is the first charging company to break cover with a Megawatt Charging System (MCS). The solution is specially designed for electric trucks requiring power levels exceeding 1 MW. The company is set to commence deliveries of the Kempower Megawatt Charging System in Europe during the first quarter of 2024, with the first MCS solution boasting a total power output of 1.2 megawatts.

“We are a key part of the critical growth of the electrification of trucks and heavy-duty transportation. Electric trucks are gaining traction as a sustainable alternative to traditional diesel trucks. Traditional heavy-duty trucks account for more than 25% of the total CO2 emissions from road transport. So, it’s clear that transitioning truck fleets to electric will have a major impact on climate change mitigation. An electric fleet also helps businesses get ahead of the competition by meeting sustainability demands,” said Jussi Vanhanen, Chief Market Officer of Kempower.  

“Electric trucks are typically charged with a DC fast charger either overnight, at a warehouse destination, or on-the-move along highways. Larger EVs need larger power sources. Our megawatt charging solution serves all those use cases: overnight, destination and on-the-move charging,” he added.