Kempower’s Heavy Electric Traffic Ecosystem program has secured €10 million euros in funding from Business Finland, with an additional €20 million for partners’ projects.


Source: Kempower

Aimed at advancing high-power charging solutions for electric trucks, the program explores various areas including charging technologies and future models’ impact on power grids.

Throughout the Heavy Electric Traffic Ecosystem program, Kempower is set to launch research and development projects in diverse areas such as charging technologies, digital solutions, customer applications, and future charging solutions.

The company is actively seeking over 60 partner companies to join its ecosystem, which encompasses over 10 domestic co-innovation projects and initiatives funded by European Union research grants.

Kempower predicts substantial growth in the DC charging market for commercial vehicles by 2030, estimating it to reach approximately 9.1 billion euros in Europe and North America.

Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower, said, “there is still a lack of scalable DC charging infrastructure for heavy traffic, especially long-haul trucks. The growth of electric trucks requires charging infrastructure that meets practical needs. The development of the charging ecosystem is essential because the trucks must constantly move, and electric trucks with cargo cannot wait in queue for charging.”