InoBat Auto and the Government of the Republic of Serbia have signed protocols and declarations of intent for the development of a new gigafactory in Serbia.

Following a thorough review of several European countries, InoBat has chosen the Republic of Serbia, along with other locations that meet the necessary criteria for establishing a gigafactory and the associated value chains for the manufacturing and recycling of battery cells for electric vehicles and stationary energy storage.

This statement of intent shows both parties’ determination and mutual support to develop a facility in Serbia, and if finalised, the appropriate Serbian authorities will work with InoBat to acquire all of the licences and licences necessary for the gigafactory’s long-term construction and operation. The Serbian government will also give financial and material support to ensure the facility’s success.


“This is an important milestone for Serbia in positioning our country as a great contributor to sustainable and green future and among leading European players in this highly innovative and ground-breaking strategic industrial sector. The InoBat investment is more proof of our efforts to ensure that Serbia is developing in line with the newest technological and industrial trends and that our country is a top investment destination. We will continue to work resolutely on further development in order to create an even better conditions for the well-being of both our citizens and everyone who lives and does business in Serbia.” said Ana Brnabic, Prime Minister of the Serbian governmet.

“The Serbian government have been exceptional partners and I am incredibly grateful for their ongoing support. The agreement reflects our shared ambition for the future of green mobility and the importance of fostering sustainable growth models. This additional step builds on InoBat’s progress over the past three years and is an exciting sign of what’s to come. Our pilot facility in Slovakia is near completion, and we have lined up the development of a new facility in the US and recently signed declarations of intent for the construction of a facility in Spain. I look forward to working alongside the Republic of Serbia as we progress towards a greener more sustainable future.” added Marian Bocek, CEO of InoBat.