Motive has announced it has closed three hydrige refuelling sites this year, including the site at Cobham motor services launched in 2017 in partnership with Shell. The green hydrogen refuelling station company said it has made the decision to close its retail stations in Cobham, Gatwick, and Swindon because they were too small to accommodate new technology and larger vehicles.

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Source: Motive PR

Motive stated it plans to concentrate on larger stations and vehicle refuelling. Following a review of the company’s existing portfolio of hydrogen refuelling stations, it confirmed the majority will be upgraded, with work already underway at the CEME and AMP Rotherham sites, new stations set to open in Derby and Barking, and additional sites in the works.

When asked if the closures were a signal the company was exiting the market, Motive answered: “No, the reverse – we are focusing on large vehicle refuelling and the closure of these sites is a reflection of their small footprints from them being the first of a kind and prototypes which we have learned from allowing us to improve our future network.”

Motive currently has three sites in London, one in Birmingham and one in Sheffield. According to The UK H2Mobility consortium, new sites in Glasgow, Belfast, Tees Valley and Liverpool are planned to open shorty,