Engie Group, an energy company, has launched a new subsidiary called Engie Vianeo, with a focus on providing charging solutions for electric vehicles. 

The company plans to offer 12,000 charging points for electric cars and heavy commercial vehicles in France by 2025.


Engie Vianeo has already begun rolling out its services in France, starting with an initial network of 1,000 charge points that are already operational. These charge points include over 800 locations on motorway networks and partnerships with various companies such as APRR, SANEF, Vinci Autoroutes, and ESSO (Certas Energy France). Additionally, Engie Vianeo will provide charging points at 35 Indigo car parks in 20 French towns and cities, as well as at roadside charge points in Eurométropole de Strasbourg, Communauté d’Agglomération d’Epinal, and Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence. The company also mentions collaboration with hundreds of hotels that feature Vianeo charging points in their car parks.

Engie Vianeo aims to further expand its charging network, with plans to have an additional 11,000 electric charge points accessible to all drivers in France by 2025. Frank Lacroix, Executive VP of Energy Solutions at Engie Group, emphasized the company’s commitment to decarbonizing mobility and its expertise in financing, designing, constructing, and operating infrastructure. Engie Vianeo caters to various sectors, including businesses and cities, and has contracts with Strasbourg and Métropole d’Aix-Marseille-Provence to provide charging infrastructure in the coming years.

Customers can access Engie Vianeo’s services through a dedicated website and mobile app. These platforms provide an interactive map displaying all Engie Vianeo stations and the real-time availability of charge points across France. The company also offers a smart route planner tailored to a driver’s vehicle type and remaining battery power.

For payment, customers have three options: using the mobile app by scanning the charging station’s QR code, making a contactless payment with a bank card, or using the “Ma Carte de Recharge” charging card by Engie. Pricing includes €0.57 per kWh for 300kW charges at motorway service stations and €0.69 per kWh at partner Esso pit stops operated by Certas Energy France. Engie highlights that the electricity supplied is 100% produced from renewable energy sources such as hydro, wind, and solar.