Plans have been lodged for a biogas HGV fuelling station in Carlisle.

A planning application for a Bio-CNG HGV fueling station has been recieved by Carlisle City Council.The bio-compressed natural gas fueling station, if permitted, would be located on Chandler Way in Carlisle.

As orginally reported by the News and Star, the construction would include gasoline dispenser islands, a plant compound, landscaping, new entry points, and a redesigned parking lot. CNG Fuels Limited, the applicant, is described as “Europe’s largest provider of 100% biomethane to the transport industry” in supporting comments presented to the council. 

CNG Fuels, Euopes leading supplier of biomethane, recently opened its tenth biomethane refuelling station as the demand for low-carbon fuel skyrockets by 100% across the UK. The current stations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Firstplan, the agency, noted that demand for the fueling solution has increased in the age of net zero as haulage, transport, and distribution companies pledge to decreasing their carbon footprint.

the designs are approved by the city council, the fueling station’s usage will be compatible and supportive to the neighbouring commercial uses and HGV fleets.


CNG refuelling site

CNG Fuels has submitted planning for a refuelling site in Carlisle

“This development proposal for a new 14 fuel dispenser facility within the Kingston and Kingmoor Primary Employment Area is in direct response to this demand.” said the council.

“The stations are automated, un-manned and operated remotely meaning vehicles are fuelled independently by HGV drivers activating the fuel dispensers with a unique electronic fob system.”