CEVA Logistics, ENGIE, and SANEF have partnered to create the European Clean Transport Network Alliance (ECTN Alliance) in a bid to tackle climate change. The Alliance aims to reduce the carbon footprint of road freight transport by building and operating a network of low-carbon energy truck terminals across Europe’s motorways. 


The ECTN Alliance will leverage the expertise of its founding members to create a disruptive system tailored to electric trucks’ limited range and charging requirements. The Alliance will develop a specific IT solution to enable transport companies to plan their routes and charging schedules in the fastest and most carbon-efficient way.

Long-term, the terminal network will be open to all shippers and carriers, offering simple access to low-carbon biogas, hydrogen, and electric energy solutions for charging and refueling trucks. Additionally, the concept aims to improve the working conditions for long-haul truck drivers by allowing them to remain closer to their homes as they will be swapping trailers at each terminal before turning back.

The ECTN Alliance plans to conduct a proof of concept (POC) in 2023 between the Lille and Avignon metropolitan areas in France to demonstrate the feasibility of the concept before deploying it on a European scale. The two-year POC will involve a dedicated fleet of 20 low-carbon tractor units transporting 20 trailers each day between the north and southeast of France, relaying and changing trailers at five test sites located at existing CEVA Logistics locations.

Luc Nadal, Regional Managing Director for Europe at CEVA Logistics, said, “ECTN Alliance members strongly believe that private-public alliances have a key role to play in accelerating climate solutions. The ECTN Alliance is based on a pioneering, holistic approach to decarbonising long-haul trucking. We are proud to launch this bold initiative with best-in-class companies, whose combined expertise will contribute to the success of the project.”