BorgWarner, Goodman Group, Windrose EV trucks, and Decathlon have joined forces to collaborate on the development of one of the world’s fastest mega-watt chargers. 


Source: BorgWarner

This collaboration’s primary focus is on jointly developing 960kW fast-charging infrastructure for electric long-haul trucks at Goodman’s properties in China. This technology enables Windrose long-haul ev trucks to recharge around 400km of range in under 36 minutes, aligning with Decathlon China’s decarbonisation strategy.

BorgWarner’s role in the collaboration is to provide the Charging technology necessary for customers to charge their Windrose trucks at Goodman’s properties. The initial project will be located at a Decathlon-operated warehouse near Beijing, marking the world’s first operational megawatt-level super-charging infrastructure. Fast charging plays a crucial role in Decathlon’s overall low carbon logistics strategy.

The first pilot charging station is set to be established at Goodman Citylink near Beijing in the first half of 2024. The 960kW liquid-cooled high-power Charger developed by BorgWarner addresses common pain points such as battery life and long charging wait times for electric heavy-duty trucks. Windrose Technology’s trucks, equipped with 729kWh of battery and an 800V high-voltage fast charging platform, can utilise this infrastructure efficiently. The charger can replenish 400km of range for a Windrose truck in 36 minutes, significantly improving operating efficiency for logistics parks, according to the companies.