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  • Tevva 7.5t Battery Electric Truck


    Tevva filing $75 million lawsuit against ElectraMeccanica


    Tevva Motors, has announced it is filing a lawsuit in the United States District Court in Arizona against ElectraMeccanica Vehicles (EMV) as well as the company’s CEO Susan Docherty seeking ”redress for the improper and unmerited purported termination of the binding merger arrangement agreement with Tevva”. Tevva re-engaging ...

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    Tevva regroups after ElectraMeccanica merger falls apart


    Following the termination of its merger agreement with ElectraMeccanica, Tevva has come out fighting, refuting the basis on which the termination was announced and re-shaping its management team to get the business back on track.

  • Electric Trucks on Tevva London production line


    Tevva’s merger with ElectraMeccanica is off


    In a strongly worded statement, US firm ElectraMeccanica has terminated its proposed merger with Tevva Motors, leaving the UK-based truck builder back at square one as it seeks to secure its future.

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    Tevva secures long-term future with ElectraMeccanica merger


    UK-based Tevva has announced a proposed merger with ElectraMeccanica, a US-based specialist in electric vehicle design and assembly, to accelerate business growth for the two companies across Europe and North America.

  • Tevva and ZF (2)


    Tevva collaborates with ZF to develop regenerative braking system for electric trucks


    British electric vehicle manufacturer Tevva has achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing the development of the regenerative braking system on its 7.5-tonne battery-electric truck.

  • Tevva 7.5t Battery Electric Truck


    The Tevva 7.5t battery-electric truck is now eligible for the UK plug-in truck grant


    British electric vehicle manufacturer, Tevva, has been granted eligibility for the government’s plug-in truck grant (PITrG) for its 7.5t battery-electric truck. This will enable UK organisations to decarbonise operations and future-proof their fleets while benefitting from a potential £16,000 discount from the purchase price.

  • Ecobat Tevva


    Tevva and Ecobat join forces for sustainable battery Management solutions


    Tevva has announced a strategic partnership with EcoBat, the global leader in battery recycling, for the management of its lithium-ion batteries. The collaboration will begin with a 12-month pilot phase for first-life battery management, with the potential to expand into additional energy storage and recycling solutions. In the unlikely event ...

  • tevva


    Tevva successfully completes range testing of its 7.5T hydrogen electric truck


    Four members of the Tevva team, including Lead Engineer Charlie Cordell, drove the dual-energy prototype truck from its headquarters in London to Berwick-on-Tweed, England’s northernmost town.

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    Tevva announces production scale-up after receiving whole vehicle type approval


    Tevva has confirmed it has been granted whole vehicle type approval for its 7.5-tonne battery electric truck, securing production conformity to enable its vehicles to be produced and sold in the UK and Europe. The approval is a significant regulartory milestone in the development and commercialisation of all vehicles, including ...

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    Another milestone for Tevva’s electric trucks in wind tunnel testing


    Tevva has demonstrated its everlasting commitment to consumers by becoming one of the first electric truck manufacturers in the UK to put their vehicles through rigorous wind tunnel testing. Our engineers studied a scale model of the Tevva 7.5t battery electric truck (since the wind tunnel is designed to handle ...

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    Tevva's 2,000-mile reliability road trip to Hanover and back


    Tevva drove two of its 7.5t Tevva Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) to this year’s IAA Transportation 2022 exhibition in Hanover, Germany, and back to Tevva London, the company’s UK headquarters. The event was documented in the firm’s most recent film: The 2,000-Mile Road Trip to Reliability. Tevva demonstrated both ...

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    Tevva unveils 19-tonne hydrogen electric truck


    Tevva has continued to roll out its product development plans with the unveiling of the new 19-tonne hydrogen-electric truck at the IAA Transportation 2022 event in September. The company showcased its range of full-electric and hydrogen-electric medium-duty 7.5-tonne to 19-tonne trucks as it targets the European market. The OEM is ...