Quantron expands into Italy with acquisition of Eyes Group

Quantron continues its growth plans with a move in to Italy and announces plans for a collaboration with ETO Motors in India.


Source: Quantron PR

From left: Lorenzo Carnelli, CEO FRIEM, Herbert Robel (CHRO & Co-Founder Quantron AG) and Fabrizio Simoni (Managing Director Quantron Italy s.r.l.)

Quantron has set its sights on Italy as it announces its expansion into the country. Quantron has acquired the subsidiary Eyes Group from Italian firm Friem and will establish its own subsidiary, Quantron Italy.

Friem, described by Quantron as a “top global player in the production of power converters with a leading position in the green hydrogen supply chain,” is set to play a pivotal role in the strategic partnership between the two companies. The acquisition of Eyes Group marks the first step in this collaboration, with future joint projects already on the horizon.

Quantron Italy will have its headquarters in Milan, where the company will initially focus on the manufacturing of zero-emission vehicles for the last mile. This move aligns with Quantron’s objective of expanding its presence in Southern Europe and bolstering its zero-emission footprint in a rapidly growing market.

CEO Michael Perschke explains the rationale behind the expansion, stating, “With the new location in Italy, we want to strengthen our presence in Southern Europe and expand our zero-emission footprint in a fast-growing market. Eyes has existing infrastructure as well as extensive expertise and knowledge of the local market, making it the perfect basis for successful growth in Italy.”

This move into Italy follows Quantron’s recent introduction of a fuel cell truck tailored specifically for the US market. The truck boasts an impressive range of over 1,300 kilometers, and it marked Quantron’s successful foray into the US market in 2022. Additionally, Quantron has recently entered into a fuel cell truck cooperation with Norwegian Hydrogen, further solidifying its position in the European market.

However, the expansion into Italy and the US is not the end of Quantron’s ambitions. The company has its sights set on the Indian market and is planning a collaboration with ETO Motors. By leveraging ETO Motors’ expertise and market knowledge, Quantron says it aims to establish a strong presence in India, tapping into the country’s growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions.