Isuzu and Honda to develop fuel cell-powered heavy-duty trucks for 2027 production

Isuzu Motors and Honda have announced a partnership agreement focused on developing a fuel cell system for Isuzu’s upcoming fuel cell-powered heavy-duty truck, set to hit the market in 2027. 

The collaboration aims to leverage Honda’s expertise in fuel cell technology to achieve carbon neutrality in the transportation industry.


Source: Isuzu

The joint efforts of Isuzu and Honda have already resulted in the creation of a fuel cell-powered heavy-duty truck, which has been granted a Japanese license plate for road use. The partnership between Isuzu and Honda began in January 2020 with an agreement to conduct joint research on heavy-duty trucks powered by fuel cells. Since then, the two companies have been focused on establishing the foundation for this technology. They have been working on ensuring the compatibility of fuel cells with heavy-duty trucks, as well as developing vehicle control technologies.

To demonstrate the viability of their prototype truck, the companies plan to conduct road tests before the end of the current fiscal year, which concludes on March 31, 2024. By utilising the knowledge gained through their collaborative research, Isuzu and Honda aim to develop products that meet the performance and operational requirements of heavy-duty trucks while satisfying customer needs.