Designwerk Technologies AG (Financials)

Designwerk Technologies AG, a Swiss leader in electromobility for commercial vehicles, concludes the year 2023 with notable achievements and announces plans for expansion in Germany in 2024. Last year, customers collectively covered 5,778,509 kilometers on battery power with Designwerk’s electric trucks, amounting to a total performance of 10,650,126 kilometers since the first delivery of a Designwerk electric truck. As the market for electromobility continues to grow, Designwerk reaffirms its position as a pioneer and aims to strengthen its sales presence in Germany by hiring four new sales employees.


Performance Overview:

  • Customers traveled a total of 5,778,509 kilometres on battery power with Designwerk’s electric trucks in 2023, resulting in a cumulative performance of 10,650,126 kilometres since the first delivery of a Designwerk electric truck.
  • Designwerk witnessed significant growth in sales compared to 2022, with a 51% increase in electric truck sales and a 24% increase in mobile charger sales.
  • The company now employs 230 people across five locations.

Technological Advancements:

  • Designwerk expanded its position as an electromobility pioneer with innovations such as battery capacities of up to 1000 kWh and electrified commercial vehicles for special applications.
  • Introduced a new compact mobile quick charger with 88 kW charging power and 920-volt voltage for flexible use.
  • Unveiled a battery-backed Mega Charger capable of charging multiple heavy commercial vehicles simultaneously with a charging power of up to two megawatts.

Expansion Plans:

  • Responding to growing demand, Designwerk is expanding its sales structures in Germany.
  • Welcomed four experienced sales specialists to the team, led by Fabian Bahlmann, the newly hired Sales Director for E-Trucks Europe North.
  • Expansion in Germany follows last year’s growth in the Benelux and Scandinavia regions, aiming to enhance competitiveness and expertise in custom-made products.

Thomas Rücker, Director Sales and After Sales, emphasizes the company’s readiness to meet the increasing demand for zero-emission vehicles in the German market, regardless of ongoing discussions about funding programs.