Members of the UK House of Lords are to be told that using solar panels on warehouse rooftops could double the UK’s solar capacity, reduce harmful emissions and slash energy costs.

The UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) is teaming up with solar panel developer Zestec Renewable Energy to deliver its message to the UK’s upper house of parliament about the benefits of exploiting the power of the sun using commercial premises.

UKWA is hosting a parliamentary lunch, sponsored by Zestec, and a round table discussion is also scheduled to take place to raise the profile of solar energy and discuss the benefits and barriers of solar panels for warehouses. The trade association recently criticised distribution network operators - licensed companies that own and operate towers, transformers and cables that carry electricity from the national transmission system and distribute it throughout Britain – for preventing the sector from investing in clean renewable power.

Clare Bottle, UKWA Chief Executive, said: “Zestec has great experience in the industrial sector and have helped many companies reduce their reliance on the grid, as well as reducing operating costs and improving ‘green’ credentials. We look forward to hearing from all our expert speakers and to pushing this vital topic to the top of the political agenda.”