As Traton Group launches Traton Charging Solutions, a subsidiary to enhance access to public charging stations for electric commercial vehicles, the company aims to address the evolving needs of the industry, promote accessibility and affordability, and ensure a seamless experience for operators.


Source: Traton

The Traton Group, which includes truck brands Scania and MAN, has established a subsidiary called Traton Charging Solution to provide customers with convenient access to public charging stations.

As the adoption of electric commercial vehicles continues to rise, the demand for charging infrastructure beyond depot facilities has grown significantly. Traton acknowledges the challenges faced by drivers, especially those engaged in long-haul operations, due to the fragmented landscape of charging operators and varying availability of charging locations by region. Traton Charging Solutions seeks to streamline this process for electric commercial vehicle operators. The package offered by Traton Charging Solutions includes contract finalisation, invoicing, route planning, and usage information, ensuring a seamless charging experience. 

Traton Group’s Scania and MAN brands, both active in Europe, will provide customers access to charging stations in eleven countries. Although the exact number of charging points is not specified, the service will initially roll out through Scania. Customers of this brand can access these functions through Scania Charging Access, which ranks charging points based on suitability for trucks. The service offers customers the convenience of a consolidated invoice, ensuring transparency in pricing without sign-up or monthly fees.

Among the initial partners, Milence stands out—a joint venture involving the Traton Group, Daimler Truck, and Volvo Group. Milence is committed to building and operating a minimum of 1,700 high-capacity green power charging points near motorways and logistics hubs in Europe.