Quantron AG  has expanded its Clean Transportation Alliance (CTA) by including blueFLUX Energy AG, a German company specialising in waste-to-hydrogen technology. The CTA, initiated by Quantron, aims to accelerate the adoption of emission-free transportation solutions, particularly in the commercial vehicle sector.


Source: Quantron

blueFLUX Energy specialises in converting organic residues into green Hydrogen and other sustainable energy sources. Its technology efficiently processes organic waste from various sources, including agriculture, municipalities, and industry, addressing both energy production and waste disposal challenges. The decentralised production approach allows for energy generation from locally available materials, such as municipal sewage sludge, organic waste, and agricultural by-products.

Under the partnership, Quantron plans to purchase hydrogen produced by blueFLUX Energy and integrate it into its Quantron-as-a-Service ecosystem. This ecosystem provides customers with a comprehensive solution, including green energy supply, infrastructure, zero-emission vehicles, and insurance solutions, facilitating the transition to climate-friendly transportation.

Andreas Haller, CEO and founder of Quantron, emphasises the importance of providing locally produced green hydrogen to customers, highlighting the innovative strength of Bavaria and Germany in addressing waste management and hydrogen production challenges.

Dr. Ulrich Mach of blueFLUX Energy AG underscores the compatibility of Quantron’s approach with blueFLUX’s decentralised hydrogen infrastructure model. He highlights the significance of sustainable hydrogen production for the mobility sector and the exciting business opportunities it presents.

In addition to blueFLUX Energy, the Clean Transportation Alliance includes companies such as Ballard Power Systems, Neuman & Esser, BtX Energy, Plagazi, Green Hydrogen Technology (GHT), and Uniwastec.