Intelligent Energy, a tech company based in Leicestershire, is preparing to manufacture zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell units that can power cars, trucks, and buses.


These fuel cells, which produce only water as a byproduct, have undergone extensive testing, and the company is currently conducting trials on its first hydrogen fuel cell car engine before installing it in an SUV next month.

Having spent years refining the technology, Intelligent Energy has developed two high-power IE-DRIVE units. One is designed for cars, while the other is suitable for heavy-duty applications.The products are currently in the final testing phase and will soon be dispatched to customers in various countries, including South Korea, the UK, US, Spain, and Taiwan.

Last year, Intelligent Energy entered into an agreement with Hogreen Air to assemble an initial batch of 100 high-power fuel cells under license for South Korea and other Asian countries. These units will be utilized in power plant applications.

“First deliveries are starting this month to customers in the UK and the EU, with shipments to customers in Asia and the USA later this year. These units will be used for trial operations in a range of applications, including buses, trucks, passenger cars, as well as stationary use for zero-emission generators in Europe and hydrogen-based power stations in South Korea. We are now ramping up production, aiming to produce 200-plus IE-DRIVE units.” said, a spokesperson for Intelligent Energy.

Loughborough MP Jane Hunt inaugurated the production line, where she also learned about Intelligent Energy’s plans to develop power units for aero engines, warehouse trucks, and drones.