Designwerk shares exclusive consumption data from its fleet in 2023, shedding light on the real-world performance across various applications.


In an effort to provide transparency and insight into their performance across different applications, Designwerk is publicly sharing consumption data from its internal monitoring tool for the first time. The data, typically reserved for Designwerk customers, offers a glimpse into the real consumption values of electric trucks in nine distinct application categories during daily operations throughout 2023. By making this information available, Designwerk aims to provide valuable insights into the efficiency and performance of electric trucks.

According to the evaluation conducted by Designwerk, the consumption of electric trucks varies depending on factors such as tonnage and application. For instance, long-distance transport with curtainsider trailers typically records a consumption of 120kWh per 100 kilometres. Electric car transporters, on the other hand, consume approximately 140kWh per 100km, while electrified waste collection vehicles can consume up to 220kWh per 100km.