H2 Mobility has announced the closure of three public hydrogen refueling stations in the country as the company shifts focus away from 700 bar refuelling to 350 bar solutions more suitable for commercial vehicles.


According to information posted on the h2 Mobility website, the hydrogen refueling stations in Koblenz, Derching near Augsburg and Wuppertal will be permanently disconnected from the grid during the second quarter 2024. Notices have been issued for all three cities, indicating the closures and providing insight into future plans for the network. The Koblenz filling station, opened in 2017 as a pioneering project in Rhineland-Palatinate, was subsidised by the federal government with approximately €900,000. However, as the period for utilising this funding for a specific purpose has elapsed, the subsidy does not need to be repaid.

H2 Mobility has shifted its strategic focus to expanding its network for commercial vehicles, primarily operated with 350-bar pressure, making the 700-bar stations at Koblenz, Derching, and Wuppertal redundant.