Montreal-based GLS Canada has taken a step towards achieving its zero-emissions goal by 2045 with the purchase of four Lion6 100% electric trucks, designed, developed and built in Canada. The move will replace diesel trucks operated by the company, with two vehicles used in Quebec and the other two in Western Canada.


Rosenau Transport, which was acquired by GLS in 2021, will operate the Western Canada trucks. The four zero-emission trucks are expected to save up to 400 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. The new vehicles will also help reduce noise pollution and improve air quality.

GLS Canada’s environmental plan aims to reduce and avoid emissions, with the long-term ambition of achieving zero emissions by 2045. As part of its sustainability efforts, GLS Canada has been approved for a grant of just over $1 million by the City of Montreal to develop the first GLS Eco-Hub in Canada. The project includes installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure, implementing energy-efficient and waste-reducing measures, and adding green spaces. “We are excited to begin the first phase of the project with the electric vehicle charging infrastructure this spring. This supports our recent purchase of electric vehicles and will help us switch over more of our fleet,” said Melanie Camara, Director of Environment and Sustainability at GLS Canada.

By switching to electric trucks, GLS Canada is not only reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also supporting local businesses and the economy. Lion Electric, the company that designed and built the trucks, is a Canadian-based company.