Scania has announced it is stopping production at its Södertälje factory to prepare for the shift to electric vehicle production. 


Source: Scania

Scania has announced it is halting truck production at its Swedish truck factory during the summer, to train approximately 700 to 800 employees for the upcoming electric vehicle production. According to Erik Bratthall, the press officer at Scania, the stoppage, renovation, and training in Södertälje mark the beginning of an entirely new era. He emphasises the significant impact of this shift on both the employees and the city of Södertälje.

The new production direction comes with a price tag of around 3 billion SEK, as stated by Bratthall, and it will encompass the manufacturing of both electric and fossil fuel trucks in the future.

However, a substantial renovation is necessary, resulting in the suspension of chassis assembly, the stage where trucks are assembled, from Thursday, May 25 until September. Over the course of four months, three shifts will be dedicated to demolishing and constructing new tools, alongside providing the staff with training on these tools to manufacture electric and fossil fuel trucks.

In addition to the production facility, Scania has established a battery factory in Södertälje, which is scheduled to commence operations in September.

Until then, Scania’s production will be ramped up in other locations, including France. ”By 2030, the goal is for half of the trucks made here to be electric,” says Erik Bratthall.