Volvo Trucks has announced the launch of new and improved batteries for its medium-duty electric trucks, providing enhanced power and an extended range of up to 450 kilometers. 

Volvo FL Electric Rigid

The upgraded batteries, integrated into Volvo’s medium-duty truck range, including the Volvo FL and Volvo FE Electric models, enable a faster transition towards quieter and cleaner city transportation. With a 42% increase in energy capacity, these batteries can now deliver a total range of up to 450km on a single charge.

The enhancement means Volvo’s electric trucks can handle a wide array of routes and assignments in urban areas, while also providing ample power for energy-intensive tasks such as refuse handling and city construction. Furthermore, the extra energy reserves allow for extended city driving shifts without the need for recharging. The Volvo FL Electric model now boasts a range of up to 450km, while the smaller Volvo FE Electric can travel up to 275km on a single charge.

“With a range of up to 450km, our electric trucks are ready to replace our customers’ entire fleet of diesel city trucks. Volvo FL and FE Electric produce minimal emissions and noise, which benefits the climate, the driver, and everyone living and moving about in the city,” explains Jessica Sandström, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Volvo Trucks.

The increased battery capacity not only delivers superior performance but also reduces the number of batteries required to achieve the same power output as before. Consequently, customers who operate shorter-range assignments can opt for fewer batteries, thereby increasing their payload capacity. For every battery not carried, an additional payload increase of 500kg can be achieved.

Jessica Sandström emphasizes, “For some customers, obtaining extra payload is more important than maximising range. We work closely with our customers to determine the best solution for their needs.”

The updated Volvo FL and FE Electric models are now available for ordering, with deliveries expected to commence in the autumn of 2023.