Heating and plumbing materials supplier TG Lynes revealed its intention to transition its entire fleet to hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel. The company has initially introduced HVO in two 18-tonne Euro-6 lorries stationed at its Enfield base, installing a 10,000-litre tank for refueling.


The decision to explore HVO came with expectations of significantly reducing carbon emissions from the two HGVs by approximately 90%. However, TG Lynes was pleasantly surprised by other advantages that the green fuel brought to its operations.

The company’s Class 2 vehicles, which mainly operate within the M25 region, frequently making stops and starts, saw a noteworthy boost in fuel efficiency. Compared to the average 11.5mpg achieved with regular diesel, the HVO-powered vehicles achieved an impressive 13mpg during similar journeys, says the company.

Additionally, the adoption of HVO fuel eliminated the need to rely on specific refueling stations for diesel, which often required careful planning and consumed time. With the on-site HVO tank, the company enjoys the convenience of having fuel readily available every morning, streamlining their delivery processes without any delays or prior arrangements. 

The successful trial of HVO in its Enfield-based trucks has encouraged the company to consider implementing the green fuel across additional vehicles in its fleet. The company envisions a potential fleet-wide transition to HVO in the future.