Chinese automotive company, Foton has entered into an agreement with Piaggio of Italy to build a new electric light commercial vehicle. The deal formalises the two companies’ September 2017 collaboration to create new solutions for the light commercial vehicle sector. The two parties will finish the project’s technical paperwork and contracts in the next months in order to complete them by Spring 2023. This new agreement will strengthen the collaboration between the two firms to create and build new light commercial vehicle products for the European market using the mini-truck product platform from Foton. 


FOTON EV truck launched at the Green Logistics Expo 2022 in Padua, Italy

The all-electric trucks created for the European market were presented by Foton at the Green Logistics Expo 2022 in Padua, Italy, indicating the company’s intention to enter the region’s new energy sector. 

European whole vehicle type approval (WVTA) is regarded as one of the most valuable certification systems in the world and is recognised across the EU without the need for additional testing, serving as an entry card to the European markets. A variety of Foton’s innovative energy products, including pure electric trucks, vans and buses, have been placed into service in nations including Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore after receiving WVTA certification.

According to reports, Foton is rapidly expanding its operations, sales, and service network throughout Europe and as well as Italy is expected to enter the Polish and German markets.