Swedish company REH2, which specialises in the production and distribution of green hydrogen, has awarded Maximator Hydrogen a major contract to supply 24 hydrogen refuelling stations to expand Sweden’s extensive network of filling stations. As orginally reported by H2 View, the stations will be located along major highways, providing an important component to expanding hydrogen mobility for trucks while encouraging the use of emissions-free transportation in Sweden.


Rasta, a Swedish truck service station chain, will build 23 of the 24 hydrogen stations at its locations as part of the collaboration.The collaboration is being funded by Qarlbo and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Leap programme, which seeks to support local and regional initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

According to the company, the systems will be outfitted with the most recent and efficient compressor generation technology, dubbed MAX Compression 2.0.

“Our top priority is to actively shape the mobility revolution by providing the necessary infrastructure. So, we are excited to have REH2 as a partner. Together, we intend to promote and further expand sustainable and low-emission transport routes in Sweden,” said Managing Director of Maximator Hydrogen.

Maximator has stated that production of the 24 stations has already begun, with plans to deliver the first system in the autumn of 2023 and all remaining stations by the end of 2025.